Friday, June 20, 2014

PC(USA) Over-Reaches on Drones

This week I am blogging from the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly

The General Assembly voted to oppose drones in combat and surveillance, at home and abroad.  As a commissioner who was a military chaplain said in opposition that drones were the wave of the future - he went so far as to say that in ten years we will not see planes with pilots in combat.

A member of the committee that considered this overture told me that the more modest overture on drones was greatly expanded by the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy.  The ACSWP (A C Swap, in Presby-speak) is, in my estimation, the most activist of all the Presbyterian agencies.  In past assemblies that I have followed, they tend to advise pushing the church to the left every time.  Their advice in committee is often more assertive than that of other Presbyterian agencies.

I think the drone vote is one of those that will make the PC(USA) look foolishly naive and offering advice out of its depth.

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