Monday, August 10, 2015

A Healthy New Development: Thrifty Athletes

Today's story:  Professional football player Ryan Broyles signed a contract for $3.6 million, but he and his wife have decided to live on $60,000 per year, and invest the rest.

A prior story allowed that Rob Gronkowski, an even more famous and better-paid professional football player, had not touched any of the $10 million that he had been paid for playing, but was living on endorsement money.  He did not live wildly, and invested his professional pay and signing bonus for the future.

My friends at the Institute for American Values have been pushing thrift as a core value we need to re-adopt.  I commend their efforts, and only wish the thrift movement got more attention.

I applaud these thrifty professional athletes.  May they be lifted up as role models.