Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Gun-Obsessed Got Their Way In Dallas

The gun-obsessed want everyone to be able to have heavy weapons for two reasons.

First, to defend themselves if the government becomes oppressive.

Second, to defend themselves against a bad guy with a gun.

The Dallas gunman who shot police did so because he believed that the police had become oppressive to black men like him.

The peaceful Black Lives Matter event that he shot up was faced with some twenty open-carry protesters who had their assault weapons on full display.  When the shooting started, they did nothing to stop the bad guy with a gun.  Instead they ran away, like everyone else.

Everyone, that is, except the actual "well-regulated militia," the police force.

Worse, the guys running around with their big guns showing interfered with the police figuring out which guy with a big gun was the bad guy that day.