Sunday, July 07, 2019

The "Case Against Marriage" Mostly Misses the Point

The Atlantic article making "The Case Against Marriage" seems to me so obtuse that it crossed my mind that the argument was created by a Russian disinformation factory to undermine the West.

Yes, married people go out and hang out less than they did when single.  This is because they are now building a strong tie which is different in kind from the many weak ties they had been building before.  Both are necessary for a healthy society and a healthy life.

The main social task of marriage is raising children.  This is a uniquely difficult act of service to others.  We need all the strength of support and commitment that we can muster to do it well.

The second social task of marriage is strengthening the basic molecule of society, the all-in bond of two people to support each other for life.  Of course this is difficult, and many people cannot quite pull it off.  But most who try, do succeed -- and most want to try.

Not every member of society needs to make good marriages for society to be healthy.  But I believe the great majority of people want to try and would benefit if they can succeed.  And that goes double -- tripled, squared -- for their children.