Thursday, June 19, 2014

Linda Valentine Overwhelmingly Re-Elected

This week I am blogging from the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly

Linda Valentine, the Executive Director of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, was re-elected to a third term by an overwhelming voice vote.

She has a big job - she is essentially the chief executive of the denomination's 'doing things' arm.

In the past, the election of the Executive Director has been very contentious - in the '90s an Exec was unseated by a floor nominee, even though the sitting Exec was the official nominee.

Linda Valentine's easy re-election is a good sign of renewed trust in the central agencies of the church. 


Anonymous said...

Can you give more detail on the situation in the 1990s? That seems so out of character.

As to a renewed hope is you are correct. The other reading (not necessarily pertaining to Ms. Valentine) is that those who sought someone else simply left the denomination or through local option have resigned themselves to being the church irrespective of decisions of the GA.

Gruntled said...

In 1996, Executive Director James Brown was not re-elected. This was a shock.