Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Speaker Boehner Leads the Way in Congressional Comity

... if a little grudgingly.

Still, I applaud his decision to bring a bill to raise the debt ceiling without other strings on it. 

This will allow for Republicans and Democrats to work together, which I opens the way to more normal political compromise on other things.


flo rida said...

It's not really a ceiling if we continue to ignore it each time we come up against it. I'd like to have a credit card with no limit then I could use it to pay my credit card debt.

Gruntled said...

The 'debt limit' should automatically be raised by each appropriations bill. The 'ceiling' is a relic of pre-Keynesian days.

flo rida said...

Keynes theory states that government should save during the good times for the bad times. Neither party follows this rule. The Republicans give excess revenues back to the people and the Democrats spend it. The bigger the government the smaller the citizen.