Thursday, December 22, 2011

Which Countries Have the Most Protestants?

Which country has the most Protestants?  The United States - that one was not so hard.

But which countries have the second and third largest Protestant populations?  Not the largest percentage, but the largest number - a question that obviously favors the countries with the largest populations?

The answer?  China and Nigeria.

A new world Christianity is being built.


The Errant Viewer said...

Any info on what countries have the highest number of Catholics, too?

Gruntled said...

Most Catholics: Brazil (by a lot), Mexico, then a close race for third and fourth between the Philippines and the United States.

ceemac said...

No comment about the post

but Merry Christmas and a Gruntled New Year.

Gruntled said...

And also with you.

Mac said...

Your blog is a Christmas present that gives year 'round. Happy Christmas.