Friday, April 08, 2011

College Trip to a University

I am taking my son on a college-exploring trip. Our family is strongly oriented to small colleges. My son is the third child, so I have always expected that he would diverge more from his parents than the first or second child did. One form of that divergence might be that he would want to try a university for his undergraduate education.

Universities offer amazing resources for students who know just what they want to to do. Child #3, who wants to be Under-Secretary of State for East Asians Affairs, may be that student.

So, we might have to suck it up if he wants to go to Vanderbilt. It's pretty rough.


ceemac said...

Well it does sound like he is looking at a small university. It's not like he's looking at one of the public Big 10 schools with 50K students.

I have always thought of Vandy, Duke, Tulane, Emory etc as really big or overgrown liberal arts schools more than universities

Gruntled said...

Yes, I think a medium-sized institution, such as the ones you mention or the Ivy League, are much more manageable than a enormous state university.

Rebecca said...

Vandy was my first choice as a high school senior, and, yes, I had a very specific path in mind--documentary film production and history--with the intention of taking over Ken Burns' empire. The acceptance came but financial support didn't.

Still, I am oh so glad that I ended up at Centre. Everything turned out just it will for Number 3. :)

Shanna said...

How about a community college?

Gruntled said...

Shanna - could you elaborate?

ceemac said...

Of course it seems like the small colleges are a good bit larger than they used to be.

When I was looking at colleges in the mid 70's the "standard" size for a small competitive liberal arts school was around 1000 students. Now it seems like those same schools are more in the 1200-1500 range