Monday, December 10, 2007

Opposing Torture is a Centrist Issue

49 retired generals and admirals are trying to explain why torture is a bad idea, doesn't work enough to be worth it, violates international conventions that serve U.S. interests, and is just un-American. They are surprised that they even have to make this case. The officer corps is traditionally overwhelmingly Republican. So far they have met with the Democratic presidential candidates. The generals and admirals are frustrated that, so far, the Republican candidates won't meet with them. The only Republican candidate who has met with them is Mike Huckabee, the Baptist minister turned politician. Baptist ministers know why torture is bad -- just read Foxe's Book of Martyrs.


Fitz said...

Yes - Torture is wrong.

People should not play definitional games either.

This includes water boarding that is not "simulated drowning" but actual drowning.

It assaults human dignity and diminishes our moral authority and general humanity.

I don’t even subscribe to the “it doesn’t produce adequate results” (It would on me) because it’s irrelevant.

There is a line to be drawn between interrogation techniques and torture. We should draw in carefully and well.

Political Realm said...

I agree as well. We are better than this. Also, I'm surprised McCain hasn't met with these guys, since is the only Rep candidate vocally opposed to such methods.

Peter Hoh said...

I keep waiting for the Pope to weigh in on this topic.

Anonymous said...

Fitz, water boarding is not actual drowning. I saw a reporter water boarded the other day on telivision. He did not drown. It has worked on some high level terrorist. It took about 30 seconds and saved many lives.Sorry Fitz it is unsavory but not torture and certainly not drowning.