Sunday, October 14, 2007

White Van Methodists

Megblum, the wonderful #1 Gruntled child, is home for fall break. She had an insight on the way home from the airport: people who drive white minivans are presumed Methodists until proven otherwise.

This was a lightning-bolt insight, based on no specific empirical foundation. When asked to explain this, she offered the idea that a white minivan reflects a sense of the gentle order of the world.

This seems to me to have deep sense in it. We would very much welcome comments.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't tell from up here in Northern Minnesota. There are very few white vehicles up here: too easy to get hit in a snow storm, and too hard to keep clean during the 10 months of winter.

Anonymous said...

Only white vanner I know is a staunch athiest. But he drives what you'd call a "kidnapper van"--meaning one of the smarmy ones with very few windows and the windows they do have are sharply tinted. So, not exactly the kind of van, I think, your daughter was going for.