Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Democratic Center Beats the Netroots

David Brooks has a fine column today on why the Democratic candidates who appeal to the liberal professionals and their bloggers ultimately lose to more centrist candidates who appeal to the more numerous regular middle class. This year, that means Edwards and Obama will likely give way to Clinton.

I am a professional and a blogger. I have stickers for Edwards and Obama on my minivan. But I think it is a good thing that my party is likely to nominate a solid candidate, like Senator Clinton, who can actually appeal to the center and win the election. The primaries are by no means settled, and many things can happen between now and the decisive Kentucky primary next May (ok, I am probably dreaming on that last point). I like our whole team, and will support the nominee. The other sticker I have on my van is for General Wesley Clark, who I would still vote for as I did last time. Realistically, I would like to see Gen. Clark as Secretary of State.

The point is, though, that the center really does lead where it counts. At the Gruntled Center, that looks like a good thing.


Anonymous said...

I've always imagined Clark as secretary of defense & someone like Biden as Secretary of State, simply due to the large number of connections he has had time to build up in his career.

Gruntled said...

As I understand it, the armed services would not like a general or an admiral, even a retired one, in the Secretary of Defense job, for fear of bias (or the appearance of bias) among the services.

Paul Pettit said...

I'm sorry, for a moment there I thought you wrote a "solid candidate" like Hillary Clinton. Puzzled, I asked a co-worker over lunch and she helped me understand you must have meant a "soiled candidate." I felt much better and was able to finish my lunch. Please resume normal blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...didn't know that about bias, makes since though. Now that I think about it though I guess Clark would make a Colin Powellesque sec of state. Centrist with popular military experience.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul,
I guess the center up north is a little more left of center than it is down here in Texas.