Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Silver Anniversary

Mrs. G. and I were married 25 years ago today.

I surprised her with a permanent sign over our front door.


Mark Smith said...

Nice - and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

all together now
aaaaawwwwww how swwweeet

Anonymous said...


(My parents' 25th is this year too!)

Anonymous said...


The confidence of the message after a mere 25 years is surely hope in things not yet seen.

Anonymous said...

And you were hanging out with colleagues chatting about Hegel! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you both.

Gruntled said...

Thank you all.

After the Hegelajara, Mrs. G. and the kids and I were sitting around the house, working away on our laptops. I asked her is she wanted to do anything special for our anniversary. She said what we were doing was perfect. I gave her half of my chicken sandwich. It was exactly what she wanted.

Thank you, Lord, for the right wife for me.

Michael Kruse said...

What? No picutures! *grin*

Congrats! We just celebrated 20 years a week ago today.

F. Rottles said...

Congradulations Mr and Mrs Gruntled.

We're 3 years from that milestone.

I thought the 25th was silver, not chicken. I better adjust my plans.