Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Nominee for Best Super Bowl Ad: Chevrolet "Ain't We Got Love"

I have been surprised in the post-mortem on the Super Bowl commercials that my favorite has been so little mentioned: the Chevrolet "Ain't We Got Love" ad. This one is a compendium of forty years of pop songs mentioning Chevrolets. Some of the songs are performed by the original singers, some by regular people (ok, actors playing regular people).

Advertising is designed not just to sell a product once, but again and again. The other ads are trying to insinuate their product into the popular consciousness. This one proves it.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the Coke Black History ad because it assumed a lot of awareness. And I just didn't care for "Dreamgirls," because it assumed you didn't know squat about history.

Gruntled said...

That is a good one. I notice that they have to make a big leap from 1909 to 1941 -- probably not the best years for Coca-Cola and race relations.

I liked the Coke "Give a Little Love" ad, too -- the happy-ending parody of "Grand Theft Auto" was surprising.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of race did you feel about the "Me no speeka English" Budweiser ad that essentially makes fun of every ethnicity imaginable? Not to be PC, but I found it really annoying.

Moral of the ad: we expect everyone else to speak our language, and then we make fun of them. Great.

Gruntled said...

I thought the message of that ad was that Bud drinkers are selfish mooches.