Saturday, February 25, 2006

Today's Teen Anecdote: Nationalism and Pokemon

Megblum, the eldest of the Gruntled children, will be our guest blogger next week. I wanted to share a happy home scene from her life as a high school senior.

Friday night. She wants to go to the dance with her friends. But she is taking an online course in European history with a paper due today. She comes to me to say "All I want to say is 'Congress of Vienna; Peace of Paris; Difference? Nationalism.'" But she thought she should write a bit more than that. So she was at the computer surrounded by books, typing away, when three of the boys arrived. They understood her priorities, so they prepared to wait. They got out the Pokemon cards of their boyhood, settled around Megblum's feet, and played Pokemon as of old as she typed.

When she was finished, they all went to the dance and had a fine time.

Warms the cockles of a dad's heart.

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