Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Centre Seminars: Coffee Houses, Part 1 and 2

Centre College has launched a web seminar series. This gives me another chance to talk about coffee houses and public life. The first two episodes have been posted on YouTube. I am pleased to share them.


randy said...

what exactly is the coffeehouse situation in danville now?

when i was at centre 25+ yrs ago, there was NOTHING even remotely like a coffeehouse anywhere.

Gruntled said...

We have a wonderful coffeehouse, the Hub, in the old Hub Frankel department store at the corner of Third and Main. It is connected to the college bookstore.

We briefly had a roaster and two other independent espresso sellers, but they have folded. And a Starbucks that came and went. I believe the McDonalds must offer some kind of espresso, but I have not tried it.