Monday, October 02, 2006

Black Incomes Surpass Whites in Queens

That is the title of a fascinating article in the New York Times by Sam Roberts. We can see the point quickly with some numbers:

$46,000 = average household income in the United States

$50,960 = average white household in Queens
$51,836 = average black household in Queens

By contrast, in neighboring Manhattan,
$86,494 = average white household
$28,116 = average black household

What is the difference in black achievement in the two boroughs? First, blacks in Queens are more likely to be immigrants. Second, blacks in Queens are more likely to be married.

Within Queens, the immigrant difference is clear:
$45,864 = average black native-born household
$61,151 = average black immigrant household

Married households in Queens have an even bigger advantage:
$70,324 = average black married native-born household
$84,338 = average black married immigrant household

And which factor matters more, marriage or immigration?
Clearly, marriage is the more important factor in raising household income. Married couples make about 50% more than unmarried households, even though many of the unmarrieds have two or more adults in them.

Queens shows the future of black achievement in America. Immigrants are likely to lead native-born African-Americans. But married couples, wherever they were born, will lead more.

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