Thursday, October 05, 2006

Amish Class

In a week of horrible school shootings, the deadliest and most graphically awful were the five young girls killed in the Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania. Four of them were buried today.

The Amish are very serious Christians. So they turned the other cheek. They have tried to comfort the dead murderer's widow and her children. They urge her stay in the community. They pray for the crazy person who molested and murdered their children before killing himself as the police closed in. The grandfather of two to the dead girls was asked by a reporter if he had forgiven the killer. "In my heart, yes, " he said, "through God's help."

That is the class of humble people.


Red_Cleric said...

As I watched and listened to the reports all I can say is that I pray I would have that depth of faith should a horror like this happen. I am humbled by their commitment to Christ and their depth of love.


Anonymous said...

In stark contrast to "extreme" Muslims.