Friday, January 20, 2017

Why I find this election humiliating

Until now, one of the most admirable parts of American exceptionalism is that we have not used our democratic power to elect a demagogue.

Andrew Jackson was close, but at least he was a general who served the country in some ways.

Donald Trump ran as something like Silvio Berlusconi, with hints of Benito Mussolini.

This is a humiliating loss of American exceptionalism.


Mac said...

And this is precisely why the elitist Democrats lost the election of 2016.

In ancient Greece, demagogue originally defined a leader of the common people and had no negative connotation. Later, in Athenian democracy, it was used by the elites to describe a “troublesome” leader who occasionally arose from the common people. Although Athenian democracy gave power to the common people, elections tended to favor the aristocratic class, the class which favored deliberation, decorum, and the continuance of the elitists in power. Thereafter, demagogue became a pejorative, describing were a leader who emerged from or favored the lower classes, i.e., the common people. See, Samons, Loren J. (2004). What's Wrong with Democracy? From Athenian Practice to American Worship. University of California Press. pp. 43–44. ISBN 9780520236608; Ostwald, Martin (1989). From Popular Sovereignty to the Sovereignty of Law. University of California Press. p. 201. ISBN 0520067983.

The angst of the Democrat Party today arises from the peaceful revolt of the common Americans from the “flyover” States against the presumptuous Democrat Party. The Democrats abandoned them in favor of small, irrelevant special interests, foreigners (including criminal aliens) instead of citizens, and a core belief that the average citizen was not qualified to make decisions and needed a paternalistic master class to protect them from themselves.

And really--Jackson? One of the top 8 presidents in our history was a demagogue? Stick to sociology, Professor. American history seems to have escaped you.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats lost this selection because they were arrogant and exclusive. President Obama was literally handed the opportunity to not only be the first African American President, but also to be one of our greatest presidents. He was handed the prime opportunity to pull this country together like never before, to pull the races together like never before. Rather though he adopted the exclusionary attitude of the radical left and became arrogant believing he was already the greatest without effort. He will instead in time be known to history as an insignificant, unimportant and disappointing president, the great divider. We as a country are now divided more than we have been in the past century, not because the Republican Party is racist and exclusive, but because the radical left is. The democrats were the ones who elected Donald Trump by ignoring the silent majority of the American people. Their tactics of division worked with Obama, but now that they have divided the country, they have segregated themselves as the ugly radical left minority party and lost the White House, the Senate, the house, and the majority of the Governors Mansions. It's not just that Donald Trump won the Presidency, the Republicans have retaken the overall control of this great America, thanks in large to the democrats arrogance and greed.

peterson johnson said...
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