Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Good News: Support for Assault Weapons Ban Grows

Very few countries in the world allow civilians to own assault weapons, and only one does so with practically no restrictions (that one would be the world leader in mass shootings).  Guns and Ammo made a list of the "10 Best Countries for Gun Owners," and even in that list only five readily allow semiautomatic weapon ownership at all.

Most Americans support a ban on assault weapons.  That proportion ticked up to 58%, as it does after each mass shooting.

The experience of Australia in effectively ending mass shooters gives all countries hope.

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Jason said...

There is a tremendous opportunity here for non-partisan law making. Placing bans on no fly lists is a start but will also prompt discussion of due process (at the urging of both the NRA and ACLU), which would ensure that the no fly lists cannot be used to further discrimination.