Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Another Small Step to One United America: Southern Baptist Convention Urges Members to Remove the Rebel Flag from Church

The Southern Baptist Convention, which was born to preserve slavery and only apologized for that position in 1995, has taken another step toward the national mainstream: proposing to ban the rebel flag from its sanctuaries.

The SBC is a congregational polity, so it lacks the authority to require its member congregations to do anything.  But the convention as a whole has taken a stand, and urges its thousands of local branches to follow suit.


Jason said...

It does have the authority to deny membership to congregations who do not follow suit, which it does routinely for those congregations accepting of the LGBTQ community or modern sex education.

Mac said...

Strangely enough, I generally agree with you.

Your assertion the "[t]he Southern Baptist Convention, ... was born to preserve slavery" is historically inaccurate and omits the real cause of the War--economic policies which favored northern manufacturers over southern planters and preservation of the strictly limited federal government established in the Constitution.

That issue was resolved on the field of battle and is a bell which cannot be "un-rung," and the flag of the Confederacy, which was also home to the Presbyterian Church in the United States (nee Confederate States) is an historical artifact that, in my opinion, needs to be relegated to use only by patriotic organizations, such as Sons of Confederate Veterans and the UDC and to historical re-enactors.

Now, for my agreement. It is divisive when used for modern political purposes. We do need to be a united country. Therefore, I urge you to also support banning the use of flags of foreign nations in any political context--such as by those who do not like one political party or candidate or another. We need to stop referring to our people as "Mexican-Americans" or "Irish-Americans" or "African-Americans" in favor of calling us what we all should be: Americans. I can assure you that my Marines in Vietnam were just Marines--no hyphens needed.

Or is the current war on the Confederate flag only just another case of liberal hypocrisy?