Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why Powerful Women Might Stay After His Affair

I was not surprised that Hillary Clinton stayed with Bill Clinton after his affair with Monica Lewinsky was exposed (nor the affairs before that).  I read her, then and now, as an equal player in a power couple.  I am sure she was mad as hell, and with ample justification.  I don't know how, exactly, they reconciled, though I believe their reconciliation is real.

Josie Pickens makes a similar argument in The Daily Beast about why BeyoncĂ© would stay with her husband after he cheated on her - as she seems to be saying in the album/film Lemonade. She is an equal player in a power couple. They still have things to do together.

Pickens writes:
A woman can now choose to stay in a marriage after partner's affair because it's good for business and her whole life trajectory.

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Mac McCarty said...

Nothing new here. In Victorian England (and earlier) mistresses were tolerated so long as the wife got money and position out of the "marriage." And a lot of the husbands who took mistresses were enamored of very young women just like President Clinton. The only difference was that when the affairs became public scandals, the wives did not claim them as trophies!