Monday, February 08, 2016

NARAL is Foolish to Criticize the Doritos Ad

As a centrist, I object to extremism on either end of the spectrum.  As a cheerful person, I object to humorlessness, particularly about minor things.

Therefore, I was doubly sorry to see that NARAL Pro Choice took to the public tweet-waves to criticize a silly Doritos ad that played during the Super Bowl.

The ad showed a man casually eating Doritos during his wife's ultrasound examination.  They discover that the baby responds to the Doritos being waved near the mother's belly.  When the mom, in disgust, brushes the Dorito away, the baby leaps to being born in order to chase it.  As I said, silly.

NARAL, though, chose to make the silly, and very wrong-headed complaint that showing a baby reacting thus through ultrasound is "humanizing fetuses."

They have come in for richly deserved scorn, even from people, like me, who support the legal option of abortion.

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Mac said...

I'm with you, Prof all the way. Have we, as a Nation, lost our sense of humor? It has gotten us through some mighty dark days, and who knows what storms await us. I'd rather laugh than cry.