Friday, February 12, 2016

Consumers of the City, Producers of the Polis.

A developing thought from our research into why people choose to live where they do.

Some fear the city.

Some view the city as consumers.  They see the city as a source of goods and services that they can take or leave at their convenience.

Some view the city as a polis. They view themselves as producers of the polis, a task they are engaged in all the time.


dennistheeremite said...

In towns under 1,000 located an hour or more from a "city". When you tell some city people how you live in such a small remote town the city people say they admire you for your courage. Some "outsiders" move in for the low rent and they do everything in the city even taking their kids Trick-or-treating in the nearest city. They are in the small town but not "of" it. Most small town people do their big shopping and their recreation in the city (movies and the like) and will retire there for good medical services. Some small town people see it as their business to maintain the small community and strengthen it and that is part of their calling in life.

Gruntled said...

Amen, Dennis. My town is not as small as that (we are big enough for Walmart, a movie theater, and an Episcopal Church). Still, we are blessed with what I believe are more polis-builders per capita than large cities are. Best of both worlds, from my perspective.