Friday, October 09, 2015

Speaker of the House Crisis is a Good Time for Republicans to Take Their Party Back ...

... by allying with Democrats.

If an establishment Republican in the House went to the Democratic members and proposed to work with them to govern, in exchange for their support in the Speaker's race, this would be good for the country.

The Tea Party would be completely uncooperative, of course - but they are doing that already.  The Republicans cannot govern with them.  But perhaps they can without them.


ceemac said...

The problem with that scenario is that any republican who participates is likely to have a big time primary challenge from the right. Perhaps well funded by the Kochs and others.

Is the Tea Party guy going to win the race for governor in Ky?

Gruntled said...

I think the Republican Party is going to have to bite the bullet and purge at least a few of the most outlandish Tea Party members, and face the onslaught of the Kochs, et al. I think actual business men could be convinced that letting the United States default would be a bad thing, so they might draw the line there.

As to the Kentucky governor's race, the only polling puts the Democrat slightly ahead. The Republicans hate the Tea Party guy, who ran against Sen. McConnell just last year. Several norther KY GOP chapters have endorsed the Democrat, and the national GOP governors campaign has stopped running ads in the state.