Tuesday, November 11, 2014

World War One Was the Worst War Ever

All wars are bad.  Some are worse than others.  I am imagining a scale based on the foolishness of the causes of a war multiplied by the number of casualties.

On that scale, I believe World War One was the worst war ever.

And that is before we factor in the way the victors made a peace so bad that it produced another, even larger war.


Mac said...

One might argue, using your very broad parameters, that the American Civil War was the worst war. The causes were an attempt by one faction to overthrow the constitutional government of very limited powers and impose on all the States a strong central government beholden to the economic interests of the Northeastern States. Then, having succeeded, the vicious "reconstruction" imposed on the South by the victorious North ensured cultural, economic, and racial divided that lasted for a century and was a precursor of the "peace imposed by France and Great Britain on Germany after WWI.

Gruntled said...

Phooey. The Civil War was about slavery. The rest is whitewashing.