Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Tea Party Congress is the Least Productive, Ever.

The Tea Party Congress, the one now ending, is officially the least productive Congress ever.

That is what they said they would do if elected - prevent government.

I take them at their word that that is what they will keep doing.

The Republicans are at a crossroads.  They control the legislative branch of government. They will have to decide whether to stick with the Tea Party and prevent government, or cut the Tea Party loose and govern.

This will be a very tough choice.  So far the Republican leadership has talked tough about governing, but they haven't actually taken any concrete steps to break with their dangerous coalition partner.


Charles Martel said...

I am sure that the senate had nothing to do with the low productivity.

Barry said...

Bob Dole said recently :I always considered myself a conservate republican, however there are members of congress now that are so far right that they may fall of the capital

Kush said...

Didn't you say that the Tea Party was dead two years ago?

Gruntled said...

The Senate was even less productive when the Republicans exercised a very undemocratic minority veto. The majority sensibly made the rules more democratic, which improved things somewhat.

I don't think there is a single Republican president or nominee - ever - who would be acceptable to the Tea Party.

Not dead, but they had shot their bolt. The elected people who are still in office, but the Republicans beat most of the Tea Party challenges this year, and are starting to get their party back.

dd said...

Don't underestimate how savvy the Tea Party has become.

Gruntled said...

I think the Tea Party voters will reject the people they elected. Either they will sell out and participate in government, like Rand Paul, or they will quit, like Sarah Palin.