Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The World's Ten Happiest Countries Are Notably Protestant

These are ten happiest countries, according to the OECD's Better Life Index:

  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • Denmark
  • The Netherlands
  • Iceland
  • United Kingdom
My best guess at this remarkable correlation: doing meaningful work makes us happy.  The Protestant Work Ethic, even in its attenuated form in the "iron cage" of the modern world economy, still keeps us working and seeking the vocation in our work.


Peter Smith said...

Post-Protestant, perhaps?

Gruntled said...

No paradigm is really over until it is replaced by a new paradigm.

Michelle Pfiffer said...

Was the poll taken before or after the Muslim riots in Sweden?

timjessen said...

That will really get some response!! To call Denmark and Sweden "Protestant" is somewhat of a stretch, as the Church has been "dead" there since the times of Kiekegaaard. But the "ethic" may remain. Very interesting, and glad to know you are still stirring things up in KY, Beau!!

Peter Smith said...

I also wonder if they took the poll in the summer. People in those latitudes have more reason to have a sunny disposition when it's sunny out all the time than in winter. Unless they're trying to sleep.

Anonymous said...

And other religions don't believe in hard work? I'm pretty sure Korea would disagree on that. And, you know, the Bible has the Book of James.