Monday, November 28, 2011

Most Young Japanese Adults Are Single

Almost two thirds of Japanese men in the prime marriage years, 18 - 34, are single.  Almost half of women in the same age are single, too. A quarter of them say they are not looking.

Japan is the oldest population in the world.  If they don't have a significant increase in the birth rate, their population will start to shrink. They will run out of workers to pay for their old people. They will run out of workers to make people.

Things don't look great for Japan's future production of Japanese.


Brendan said...

If only it were possible for people to move from countries with a high birth rate to countries with a low birth rate.

Gruntled said...

It is, of course, but Japan is not one of the countries that welcomes immigrants.

Brendan said...

Thus my assertion that it is not possible, my wish that it were otherwise, and my lack of pity for powerful but shrinking populations that refuse to integrate.

Solomon Kleinsmith said...

Japan's population has actually been shrinking since 2005. It's going to get MUCH worse soon. They really do have an extremely self destructive society in that respect, not valuing coupling up and having kids more. Western systems of government just plain can't work with shrinking and aging populations... japan is going to be crushed under the weight of it's lopsided demographics eventually. Italy, Russia and other countries may not be too far behind them.