Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Most Americans Want to Legalize Marijuana. Do It.

Let me make clear that my position is not personal. I have no interest in using pot. I do think, though, that marijuana is no worse for society than bourbon. I think we should legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana production the same way we do alcohol. I have maintained this position for some years.

What is new now is that 50% of Americans agree. Moreover, only old people are strongly against it. Coming generations are clearly in favor, as this list of the percent supporting marijuana legalization by age group shows:

65+: 31%
50 - 64: 49% (this is my age group)
30 - 49: 56%
18 - 29: 62%

I saw we tax pot to fight crack.


kudlow said...

Most America want a lot of unwise things. How much is spent on bourbon related problems.

Kerri said...

Fact is, people will smoke pot whether or not it's illegal (Prohibition?). The law has to be flexible and shaped to its society, or it becomes irrelevant. There are more productive things to do with one's time, yes, but I honestly see little difference in a glass of bourbon and a joint. The latter might make you goofier more quickly, but does less damage in the long term.

gruntled said...

Kudlow: do you think Prohibition worked? That it could work?

I don't drink alcohol, I know from my extended family how ravaging it can be. Nonetheless, I think prohibiting it failed.

Prohibiting marijuana fails, too.

We tax alcohol, to, among other things, control the possible bad effects of alcohol, as well as to pay for the damage it causes. Drug taxes could do the same thing.