Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Materialism Undermines Your Marriage

A common finding of happiness research is that, once your basic needs are met, more money does not reliably bring more happiness.

Another finding is that good marriages do reliably bring more happiness.

So what happens when money-oriented people marry?

A new Brigham Young University study found that couples who put a high priority on getting and spending money have less satisfying and less stable marriages. Lead research Jason Carroll said:

Our study found that materialism was associated with spouses having lower levels of responsiveness and less emotional maturity. Materialism was also linked to less effective communication, higher levels of negative conflict, lower relationship satisfaction, and less marriage stability.


The Errant Viewer said...

Is there any comparison in the divorce rate between the classes?

gruntled said...

All I have so far are press accounts - the article was published this week. I will look to get it.

The Errant Viewer said...

Keep us posted, Dr. Weston.