Saturday, September 24, 2011

Most Republicans Think Human Beings Were Created Less Than 10,000 Years Ago

Jay Livingstone, at Sociological Images, has made this fine (though sad) graph based on Gallup data. The three options Gallup offered are:

God created human beings in their present form within the last ten thousand years;

Humans evolved, God had no part in the process; or

Humans evolved, God guided the process.


Diane M said...

On the plus side, that's a very small majority. There's almost as many who believe that humans evolved, either with or without God guiding the process.

Anonymous said...

What is more amazing to me is the number of Democrats who believe that a country can get out debt by printing dollars.

Anonymous said...

...And more scary.

Adam said...

What percentage are young earthers? The title of this is inaccurate. I found it interesting the Independents were more atheistic that either party.

I went to public school in the US, where 76% of biology teachers (including mine) are intimidated into not teaching evolution, thus turning Biology, a field with a truly elegant Grand Unified Theory into a jumble of disconnected facts. Given that Genomics is the next Information Revolution, Creationism could actually be what puts America behind China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. China created cows that give human milk! Could ever happen in the US?