Saturday, July 18, 2009

No WMD in Iraqi Sociology

Sociologists are ever vigilant for WMD - Weber, Marx, and Durkheim. A recent search of Iraqi sociology departments has revealed that they have no WMD.

Only Allah.

[Note to the humor impaired: this is a joke.]


Lisandro FT said...

Hi William,

It is not only a joke, it is also a very clever remark. Neither of them (Weber, Marx or Durkheim) came about by means of divine revelation. Their intellectual achievments were possible as a result of a long and hard intellectual development within the western civilization. Unfortunately, that kind of development didn´t took place in the islamic world, so, as you rightly point out, they have only Allah.



PS. I see you didn´t like my comment on your post aboout Sandra Tsing Loh´s article. Sorry about that, I just wanted to exchange some ideas. Good luck.

percy said...

Thanks for the warning! Centrist have a sense of humor too. Wow!