Monday, July 13, 2009

Centre Alumni Lean Democratic

From the Centre College Alumni Survey.

95% said they vote every election, or nearly. Only 9 individuals said they never vote.

About a third of the alumni said that their experience at Centre made their political views more liberal, while about an eighth said they were made more conservative by their college experience. Today, the alumni describe their political views this way:

30% Strong Democrat
20% Lean Democratic
14% Independent (including libertarian)
20% Lean Republican
16% Strong Republican


Anonymous said...

I wonder how these numbers compare to others colleges in the U.S.?

Gruntled said...

I don't have individual college data. The Harvard Institute of Politics did a survey of college age youth, with this result for 4 Year College Students in general:
Strong Democrat 19%
Not a very strong Democrat 18%
Strong Republican 13%
Not a very strong Republican 13%
Indep, Lean Dem 15%
Indep, Lean Republican 8%
Indep, Do not lean either way 14%