Thursday, July 02, 2009

Alumni Survey

I have begun to post the results of the Centre College alumni survey on a new website,

Your comments are most welcome.


ceemac said...

a few things come to mind:

1. What were the numbers in church professions (pastors, dce's etc)

2. If you put the dividing line between upper class and middle class at 100K then 2/3rd of your grads are upper class as far as income. How many of these were middle or lower when they started at Centre.

3. Only 29% had family connections. That seems low for a southern liberal arts school of Centre's rep. I would have guessed in the 60-70% range. How does that compare to your peers. 30 yrs ago as a freshman I attended one of those peers located to the SOUTH of Centre and it often seemed like I was one of 5 members of the freshman class who was not a legacy.

Terena Bell - In Every Language said...

Any idea why they cut it off at the class of 1994?

Gruntled said...

The church professions came in at no more than 3%.

I don't know what income the alumni families had when they were kids. My best proxy of their natal family class is the proportion of parents who went to college. I may get something from a parallel study of Centre students.

I don't know how Centre's family connections compare to other peer colleges. I know that we have more first-generation college students than most of our peers in the Associated Colleges of the South. I believe Sewanee (to take a random example :-)) has the fewest.

As to why "they" cut off the survey in 1994, the "they" is me. I am especially interested in where the children of alumni went or will go to college. I figured that 15 years out was the youngest group that would have enough high school kids for me to compare.