Monday, June 29, 2009

Fertility Tourism

European countries have different restrictions on fertility treatments. This has created a market in shopping countries for better fertility deals. The National Health Service in Britain, for example, has many restrictions on in-vitro fertilization treatment, including a low total that donors can be paid for eggs (about $400). Other countries pay more, so eggs are more available. Infertile British women over 40, therefore, are likely to go to countries with a larger supply, such as the Czech Republic (where donors get $750 per egg) or Spain ($1250 per egg), for IVF treatment.

Anyone going to Reno for a divorce?


Black Sea said...

If lots of British women are getting their donor eggs from the Czech Republic, I anticipate a significant improvement in the appearance and attractiveness of the British race over the next couple of decades.

Just a guess.

Fertility Tourism said...

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