Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Twin Peaks" Revisited

The entertainment of Thanksgiving week was watching "Twin Peaks" again with daughter Endub, who was born just before the series ran on television years ago. We have now seen the whole first story arc -- Who killed Laura Palmer? The show really holds up well. The oddness, humor, and genuine creepiness still come through, even when you know how it turns out.

My recollection is that it got so silly in the second season that it was canceled for good cause. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to finishing the whole set, and then the prequel. And now I can share it with the next generation.

"The owls are not what they seem."


halifax said...

The show became less and less comprensible as it proceeded, but I still found it highly entertaining. I just watched 'Mulholland Drive' a few weeks ago, and it is every bit as quirky but somewhat more unsettling. It wasn't a TV show, so Lynch could indulge in his darker propensities. Nonetheless, the movie is very clever and, as is usually the case with him, it contains all sorts of surprises.

Gruntled said...

I agree about both the end of "Twin Peaks" and about "Mulholland Drive." The latter was originally envisioned as a spin-off series for Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn), either as Audrey or a similar character.