Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Georgia "Get Married, Stay Married" Campaign is Great

The Supreme Court of Georgia has started a billboard campaign urging parents to Get Married, Stay Married. Using private funds and donated billboard space, Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears has led a broad-based campaign to fight crime through better marriages. She noted that 72 percent of incarcerated juveniles are from "fragmented" families and that 65 percent of Georgia's civil court dockets concern matters pertaining to children and families, outnumbering not only all other civil cases but also all felony and misdemeanor cases combined.

This is a great idea. There is much that can be done right now just by making the public argument for marriage. When African-American leaders like Chief Justice Sears speak out the power of the bully pulpit (or billboard) is focused where it is needed the most.


Aaron X said...

‘I just want to leave him, but I can’t afford it’

patron said...

Aaron X said...
‘I just want to leave him, but I can’t afford it’

Maybe it will give them a chance to work things out. Let's hope so.

caroline said...

Ironic. This is my response to the whole campaign.