Friday, April 18, 2008

Breaking News: Sam Nunn Endorses Obama

Former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn has endorsed Barack Obama, and will serve on his foreign policy advisory committee. Nunn is the exemplary "blue dog" Democrat and elder statesmen. The Georgia wing of the Gruntled family reports that Dems there want Nunn to be Vice-President.

The Gravitas Wagon is gathering steam ...


Patty Gonzalez said...

How well do you think Obama will do against McCain? I'm afraid he'll lose many of the Reagan Democrats partly because of his intimate relationships with people who seem to be part of the radical left. Let's face it how hard was it to beat Hillary because of her unsavory baggage? I beleive personally that Barak would be a breath of fresh air but am concerned about the way McCain seems to appeal to the center.

Gruntled said...

I think Obama will do better in the center. He has been more of a pragmatist in his political work. She actually has more leftist connections.

I think a McCain/Obama election would be very close. Both are their party's strongest centrist candidates.

patty gonzalez said...

But can he move to the center with his political and even his religious record not to mention his personal relationships with extreme leftist. I guess we can hope. Maybe McCain will make a big fumble. I guess we can hope.

Gruntled said...

Obama does not seem to be close to Ayer, the leftist. Even Mayor Daley (the current one) defended that guy, and he is no bleeding heart.

I read his voter record as pragmatic and collaborative. I think the left will complain about President Obama more than the right will.

peter hoh said...

"The left will complain. . . ."

You can just end it there, can't you?

It's the nature of both extremes to eschew compromise. And it's their destiny to be disappointed.

Clinton's post-Super Tuesday tactics have made it more difficult for Obama to claim the center, but I think he will be able to make a play for it.

McCain's embrace of the Iraq war makes him vulnerable, no matter if violence in Iraq settles down or heats up.

A. Nony Mouse said...

We Georgians are big Sam Nunn fans, and would love to see him as the VP for Obama. Absolutely no one can claim that he lacks foreign policy or military credentials.

I had really wanted him to run for president back after he retired from the Senate.

Francis Fowler said...

a. nony mouse,
I really like Nun too but don't you think we need the president to be the guy or gal with foreign policy and military credentials? Obama is weak there and I fear it may hurt him in the general election. Especially since McCain has those credentials already? I hope Obama doesn't turn out to be another George McGovern, a really good man but out of the mainstream and unelectable.