Thursday, October 12, 2006

Will Immigrants Renew Marriage?

Los Angeles County has shown an increase in its marriage rate this past year. This wouldn't seem like a big deal – except this is first time this has happened in a populous county in more than thirty years. No one has analyzed the numbers yet, but David Popenoe, one of the country's best marriage trend counters, thinks that this reflects the greater commitment of Asian and Latino immigrants to marriage.

Los Angeles County also brings us the normally sorry spectacle of the Hollywood Marriage. They say that a Hollywood marriage is like an African democracy – if it lasts five years, we call it a great success. (Ok, I said that – but maybe it will catch on.)

Perhaps to counterbalance the Hollywood Marriage, Southern California will also bring us the East L.A. Matrimonio and the Orange County Danh Tu (which I hope is the right Vietnamese word for marriage).

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