Saturday, January 07, 2006

Scott Stapp engaged

I used to watch MTV’s “Behind the Music,” their biographical profile of bands and singers, fairly regularly. I had a rule, though: I would watch until the first divorce. The only show I ever made it to the end of, following that rule, was the profile of Creed lead singer and Christian pop star Scott Stapp. At the end of his profile he marries a spectacular blond. When the credits roll they are set to live happily ever after.

Today his engagement to a former Miss New York was announced.


Does anyone know of any prominent pop musicians who are enjoying a long, happy first marriage?


SPorcupine said...

No, I don't, because I've decided to stop knowing about that issue. The less I know, the better I can listen.

I give Bruce Springsteen credit for the best recovery. I'm haunted by the stand-up comic who said after his first wedding that he should have married someone like a teacher or a social worker or Patti Scialfa. Then he wrote all of "Tunnel of Love" and you could feel him trying to make it work, and the public report is that wanting children is what broke that marriage. Plus, he's been with Patti a long time, written things both profound and silly about that love, and put lullabies on his records.

The hardest and most haunting breakup is Amy Grant. She wrote the best songs I know about fidelity in the face of temptation, and then let go. I usually know better than to expect singers to truly believe the values they sing, but I'm sure she really did believe them, and then she did what she knew was wrong. I couldn't possibly go to a live concert, because what I'd want her to sing would be "Faithless Heart."

I do think great artistic creativity has some deep link to inability to commit to responsible relationships...

ancho and lefty said...

The best former example- Paul and Linda McCartney.

Isn't Dion still married to his teenage sweetheart?

In the Latino category, Juanes, is pro family and I believe happily married.
He has a website at:

He is VERY popular all over the Spanish speaking world.

He's very cute and delivers good messages.

I think of him as the male Shakira.

By the way Dr. Weston, you will be happy (I hope) to learn that I have committed to the marital path-Dan asked me to marry him over new year's and I happily agreed. We will probably marry in early August!

Tom Strong said...

I don't believe they're married, but Gillian Welch and David Rawlings have been living and playing together for over 15 years. There was a very good profile of them in the New Yorker last year, available here.

Of course, they're also not huge pop stars...

Anonymous said...

How about Ken Kesey? He wasn't exactly a musician, but he was the leading figure behind the sixties acid/psychedelic movement (discovered the Grateful Dead, etc.) and, although his marriage was not completely traditional, he managed to remain married to the same woman his whole life.

Gruntled said...

Yes, Amy Grant breaks my heart still, too.

I should have thought of Paul and Linda Macartney -- thanks for the reminder.

Ancho and Lefty, that is excellent news -- my congratulations.

And Ken Kesey -- who'd have thunk it. Good things are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

whitney houston and bobby brown have a relationship that is still intact (god knows why), though it is hardly an example of a working marriage. this, to me, proves that there are situations where divorce is a necessary, healthy step.

Gruntled said...

I agree that Brown and Houston are no prize marriage, but I don't think they would be improved by divorce.

LawMat said...

Yes, they are a bit odd, but why does everyone seem to think their marriage is dysfunctional and detrimental?

Drugs seem to be the demon that chases them, but their marriage and relationship with their family seem to keep them stable.

I'm not sure if any of you have "indulged" in watching their reality show, but I must admit I was surprised at how much they seem to love each other. And Bobby seems like he's very much into his family. Again, their behavior's pretty wierd, but drugs will do that to ya...

Gruntled said...

Is co-dependency relevant to this case?