Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Most Extreme Ideologies Come From the Biggest Mis-Match Between Education and Income

People whose income exceeds their education tend to be conservative.

People whose education exceeds their income tend to be liberal.

This confirms Pierre Bourdieu's point that the "composition of capital" matters as much as the total volume of capital.

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Anonymous said...

This makes zero good seance, political or philosophical affiliations aside. The most immediate two examples that come to mind are these:(1) A person who majors in something like French Literature, racks up a large student debt and winds up working at Starbucks because they did not choose a marketable education. (2) A person who realized that college is not for everyone, attends vocational school and enters the job market with a high paying, marketable skill with little to no student debt. The first example may consider them self as more educated or intellectual, but it is the second person who is smart. I'd rather be smart.