Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Right is Moved By Wounded Status

The right hates the elite most of all, from a feeling of wounded status.  That is also the source of their racism.

They oppose "government" not from a theory of what makes society work better, or even what makes the capitalist economy work better.

They hate the government because it is run by people who think they are better than the right. 

To make things worse, the government elite helps people get ahead who the right thinks are beneath them or behind them in line.

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Ken Lammers said...

Wow. Somebody swallowed the blue pill.

Let's flip this one around a bit:

The Left Exploits an Assumed Wounded Status

The coastal/academic/media elites despise the uppity hoi poloi and use exaggerated claims of wounded status to keep them in their place. This is the source of their constantly overblown or outright false claims of oppression (Covington Catholic, UVa, Duke, Evergreen State, James Damore, Lindsay Shepherd, etc.).

They push expanded government - especially expanded non-democratic bureaucratic government - not from a theory that it makes society or our economy work better.

They do this because it allows them to impose their will on large pluralities or even majorities who are too benighted to know their place.

All the better to cure the terribly evil belief of the masses that their lives should be governed by an equality of opportunity found in effort based merit rather than enforced equity in results.


We can all do this. Paining in broad strokes is easy.