Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fear of Scarcity is No More Natural Than Trust in Abundance. Both Are Learned

Economists and libertarians often believe that scarcity is natural, and therefore selfishness is rational.

However, the fear of scarcity is a premise, not a fact, nor a conclusion of dispassionate research.

Christian ethics helps us overcome the fear which leads to selfishness, through the hope we have in the inexhaustible and trustworthy source of abundance.

And the only proof we can offer that there will be enough is our own generous example.


Brendan said...

I am going to think a lot about this.

Barry said...

I heard an interesting comment this week from Joe Phelps at Highland Baptist Church in Louisville about the disconnect between Christianity and Evangelicals.
1. Jesus said to "not be afraid"
2. Evangelicals in the current political climate say: "Always be afraid"

Gruntled said...

I think "fearful evangelicals" is self-contradictory, the way "Christian Randians" is.