Sunday, December 31, 2017

Best Social Movement of 2017: Sexual Predators are Pariahs

Of the many good things that happened in 2017, I have the most hope that the movement against sexual predators will have long-term effects.

In many fields, men known for years to have been gropers, sexual blackmailers, and even rapists were driven out and rendered pariahs.  Liberal organizations were more consistent than conservative ones in removing the offenders, but that is often what happens at the beginning of a social movement.

This movement was made by tipping public opinion, not by a change in law.  This suggests to me that it will have real staying power.


Gary said...

I agree completely that predators are and should be held accountable. However, on your usual conservative slam, I think I remember Representative Pelosi resisting criticism of Liberal colleagues accused.

dd said...

Bill Clinton and Hillary deserve a lot of credit.

Barry said...

As a Republican, I once asked a Democrat friend, who is a savvy political observer: What is the difference in the parties position on sex. He said that Democrats view it as normal human nature, and Republicans view it as sinful. All humans participate in sex, and when sexual predators are exposed, this may color their perceptions.

Gruntled said...

I think the liberal organizations have been quicker to drive out the predators because feminism is more central to their identity.

All groups can, of course, be tribal and support their leaders no matter what.

I think most people, of all ideologies, regard sex itself as a good thing. Whether men groping women is a very serious offense against sexual equality, or just collateral damage of the difference between men and women, is a relevant ideological difference.

dd said...

Big exception...Bill and Hillary!