Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I Don't Care About Sports Unless It Touches Me Personally. This is Like How Many Conservatives Feel About Social Problems.

Liberals have long lamented that conservatives seem to care about social problems only if the problem affects them personally.

Since "care for the harmed" is the heart of liberal ideology, this approach seems unjust to liberals.

I had a "shower thought" about this question this morning:  I feel the same way about sports.  I only care about a team or a game or a sport if it affects me personally.  I don't really care about sports as such, and only have a vague notion of what it going on with professional and semi-professional (Division I) sports.  Very occasionally a local kid will have a notable sports career, and I will want to have some idea of how that person, and that person's team, are doing.

I feel the same way about the sports team in my town and my college.  I care because I know some of the players, or their families.  And I care a bit because it matters to my neighbors.

But I don't regard sports teams as marking my "tribe."


Mac McCarty said...

Perhaps, but I don't think that it is because conservatives don't "care for the harmed." It is, I would submit, that liberals have so expanded the definition of "the harmed" that they have diluted the definition of the truly needy to the point of non-existence. I differentiate between those who would, but cant--the needy--and those who could, but won't.

Every individual who describes a want (defined by liberals as a "need") is deemed worthy of support by society rather than expected to take personal responsibility for his or her condition. Thus the truly needy get swallowed up in the larger pool of mere "wanters" and go un-cared for. If liberals would grow as much spine as they expect conservatives to grow heart, perhaps we could return to a society in which we take care of those who truly cannot do for themselves.

Barry said...

How about the impossible: We all develop hearts and spines as needed. That would make for a wonderful society where individuals and government are meshed together to allow society to progress with enough control to keep a smooth path.

This utopia leaves unanswered; What to do with the children of the "won't"

Your comment about sports would apply to many items. Many take an opinioned stance against an issue which changes when the issue affects them directly

Gary said...

Well said Michael!!! Harmony, Honesty, Industry & Frugality are necessary to make us a great and happy nation!