Monday, September 25, 2017

Merkel Takes a Huge Gamble on the Demographic Future - Still Mostly Winning.

Angela Merkel took a huge gamble in welcoming a large number of immigrants to Germany.  Her country has very low fertility - too low to replace itself.  The refugees will not only be a new workforce for Germany, but, more importantly, the parents of the future Germany.

Anyone who has been following the tide of resentful nationalisms all around the world could predict what would happen next:  an intense anti-immigrant backlash, openly racist and violent, would challenge her.

Merkel did win the German election, but the new fascist party came in third - the first time fascists have been in the parliament since the Nazis were driven out.

It cost Merkel much of her political capital to take this huge gamble, but, in a generation, I believe she will be honored as the demographic savior of Germany.


dennistheeremite said...
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dennistheeremite said...

From what I understand, the USA is swimming toward the same boat...of needing immigrants. I've tried to explain to some Hispanic/Latino people that we have always had a restive xenophobic element. Some of my Polish ancestors' relatives in the old country died because the restrictions were tightened after WWI and they couldn't join their kin in America.

Gary said...

Dr. - It is beneficial for our country to celebrate our heroes and national heritage!!

Gruntled said...

The US is better off, demographically, than is any European country, but mostly because we accept so many immigrants.

Gary, I agree - E Pluribus Unum is our heritage and motto for a reason, and we should celebrate that heritage by accepting all the peoples of the world who want to come be Americans.

Gary said...

I would agree with one great American..." Trust but Verify " n