Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Kentucky Legislature Should Not Add "In the year of our Lord" to its Resolutions

The Kentucky legislature quietly voted to add "in the year of our Lord" to all their resolutions.

I think this is a bad idea.

Don't get me wrong - I am a church elder.

The state is not like any other institution.  It should not be run "like a business" or "like your household" or "like a church."  Those are all private institutions, which can have their own private rules. But the government has a mission to serve everyone, not just the majority.

I wish we had more government officials who understood that the government serves all the people, not just the people like them.  The state has to be religiously neutral for the good of the church, as well as to do justice to all the citizens who are not Christian.

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Anonymous said...

As a Pastor (no longer living in Kentucky), I agree with you. I think as far as legislation and church/state issues, this resolution sounds fairly innocuous. However, the language "our Lord" does assume that everyone in the state shares the same faith, even that everyone believes in God. Clearly a faulty assumption.
Whenever state and church mix, the church has everything to lose and the state has everything to gain. The state gets theological and moral sanction for whatever it does; the church loses its integrity and its sense of catholicity (small "c" - global scope). Politically active Christians, of whatever stripe, need to be reminded of this now and then. Bo in OH