Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The Plunder Agenda is the Main Point of the Trump Administration

The main activity of the new Republican government has been to roll back regulations that costs corporations and their rich owners money.  Lobbyists have been sending in their wish lists of environmental, health and safety, consumer protection regulations they want ended - even rules that protect the entire world capitalist system from another meltdown.

In nearly all cases, the Trump administration and the Ryan-McConnell Congress has been complying with these corporate wishes before the public can respond. The administration of the "best negotiator" has asked for nothing in return - no alternative method of protecting the public or the future, no jobs made or saved, to alternative revenue to pay for the president's hugely expensive announced agenda.

The foxes are in charge of the henhouses, and are dealing out the chickens as fast as they can.

This is really what this administration is about.  Their actions on immigration, abortion, marijuana, and the endless tweets are secondary at best, and a smokescreen most of the time.


SPWeston said...

In addition to the regulation-based plunder, there's the contract and privatization plunder. That's loaded into new drilling permits, new defense contracts, plans for infrastructure to be paid for through tolls, for-profit colleges, banks grabbing back control of student loans, and school vouchers. But plunder it certainly is.

Barry said...

The actions taken so far seem to be originated by some of the alt-right staff to placate the Trump supporters to make them believe that he is remaking America into the great empire that they envision. While this is going on, the President is getting his intelligence from the internet and texting and twittering like an teenager Many of the supporters believe the "alternative facts" because they want to believe and Fox News commentators tell them it is so. Meanwhile, as you state, the swamp is being flooded instead of being drained(even though the supporters believe otherwise), and the 1% is boarding the gravy train.

Mac said...

That is one way of looking at this issue. Others would say that Congress is restoring Constitutional balance: the legislature enacts laws and the executive carries out those laws.
The New Deal introduced the concept of enacting broad legislation and then trusting the executive to flesh out those laws through "rules and regulations. And the Federal bureaucracy blossomed. That is how we got a Federal Tax Code that issues enough rule, regulations and opinions each day that CCH has to mail out 50 or more pages--small print--to practitioners in order for them to stay current. (My favorite, one repeated over and over again, is "The United States District for the District of ____ (or the United Staes Court of Appeals for the ___ Circuit) has ruled against the Service in ABC v. Commissioner. The Service disagrees with that ruling and will apply it only within that District (Circuit).

Congress finally passed a law that reclaims for the legislature its authority to pass on the Constitutionality and need for certain regulations. After 8 years of wild over-reaching by the executive, Congress is now bringing the system back into balance.