Sunday, January 29, 2017

Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau are now the leaders of the free world

As the United States descends into a nationalist bunker, I am grateful that there are still leaders of the broad-minded, warmhearted, law-abiding global community. Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau display a rational sense of what is in best interest of their countries, the west, and the world.

Capital So far they have been able to stand up against the fear-based nationalists at home.

Long made they wave. I hope we can rejoin them soon.

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Mac said...

Good for them. That is what Prime Ministers/Presidents are supposed to do:"display a rational sense of what is in best interest of their countries..." So long as the best interests of their countries and the best interests of "...the west, and the world..." coincide, good for them.

Likewise, we expect the President Trump put the interests of the United States first, as he should have. He was elected President of the United States, not President of the West or President of the World.

Ms. Merkel is now finding that it may not have been in Germany's best interests to allow hordes of "refugees" free entry into Germany, and she is pulling in the welcome mat. So long as Trudeau makes sure that those he allows into Canada stay in Canada, good show, too. We'll see how long the Canadian people approve of that.