Friday, December 09, 2016

This Moment is What the Electoral College Was Intended For

If I were an elector, I would not vote for Donald Trump.

If Hillary Clinton won the electoral college, that would not be a constitutional crisis.

It would be a constitutional triumph.


Mac said...

I am not so certain. The Electoral College was established as one of the checks on a few large States and a protection for the smaller States. It was designed so that the President was truly a President of the UNITED States and not just of a few. The idea was that if a candidate could not garner the votes of a substantial number of States, he or she was a danger to the people as a whole. In the instant case, Mrs Clinton won
only 21 States. Although irrelevant to the question, her popular vote "majority" came from California. The idea that one State alone could dominate the others was the type of factionalism from which the Founders sought to protect us.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this moment IS exactly what the Electoral College was intended for. It worked, it kept a tyrant from being elected by the few densely populated radical left leaning states. It WAS a constitutional triumph, our founding fathers were incredibly smart and forward thinking gentlemen, they got it right.